Bloomington Chapter

Michelle’s Letter

Michelle is one of our Bloomington Safe Families’ placing parents. Safe Families has been providing her extended family-like support while she works to get back on her feet. This is a letter she sent Bloomington Safe Families staff in a plea for support. If you are interested in helping Michelle, contact Meghan Garcia at 

Hello, my name is Michelle Wess. I am writing this because on the late evening of May 3rd, I was involved in a hit-and-run accident by an 18′ wheeler semi truck on I-465 and my van was totaled – it’s not fixable.

This has left me and without  transportation. I am raising my 4 beautiful daughters completely on my own ( 5, 3, 2, & 11 months). Briyana is 5yrs old and has multiple medical complications including a brain stroke causing cerebral palsy. She wears leg braces. She also has a blood clotting disorder. Her neurologist says she is at high riskIMG951541 for having another stroke at any time. She has a Chiari Brain Malformation and has to see brain surgeon soon. A couple weeks ago, she was diagnosed with having seizures and has started medication for them. So you may understand with the extreme medical issues how I must  have transportation to and from all doctor appointments, as well as how extremely important it is that I have transportation at all times so I can be prepared for emergencies. I am scared something could happen and I wouldn’t have a car to get her to a hospital or to the important doctor appointments. I do not have any savings put away and I am not working due to her pediatrician asking me to stay at home with my daughter.

I am looking at a very safe vehicle that can sit all four carseats and myself comfortably. The owner is willing to work with me on very low payments but I will need close to $900 to get it (unless there’s a family who has an extra vehicle I can use). I am praying that God will bless the people in my path to help me and my children with this crisis.

Thank you so very much and God Bless.