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The Story of One Family Giving Hope

At its core, Safe Families exists for the purpose of abuse prevention and family preservation. Part of the organization’s mission reads, “Safe Families supports families during crises. We are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and out of foster care.” When faced with a crisis, many families do not have the emotional or financial resources necessary to move forward. Therefore, Safe Families steps in the gap to provide the support they need. Those involved are living out God’s mission to care for the widows and orphans, the least of these.

However, God also uses Safe Families to spread the love of Jesus to a watching world. Jon and Lindsey Bell know this well. With a toddler of their own, they began hosting baby Sarah* while her mother sought help for depression. Throughout the placement, they had the opportunity to share the gospel both verbally and tangibly with those around them.

One instance happened during a weekend trip to Brown County. As Lindsey sat with the children at breakfast, an older couple stopped to chat, inquiring about the girls. Lindsey explained how Safe Families works and why their family chose to be part of it – because of God’s love for us. The woman left in tears, moved by God’s work through the Bell family.

A few weeks later, they celebrated their daughter’s first birthday. Instead of gifts, they asked friends and family members to bring donations for their church’s Live 1:17 closet, a ministry for Safe Families, foster care, and adoption care. Over $1000 in diapers, wipes, and pajamas were donated!

Jon and Lindsey also invited baby Sarah’s mother to their church, where these same friends were able to meet and love her. It was evident that she had not been shown that much love and attention in a long time, if ever. Yet, through this support network, she was able to see the love of God in a very real way.

In all of these situations, God used Safe Families to care for the most vulnerable among us as well as show people His love. “We were so humbled God would let us have a front row seat to Him touching hearts through baby (Sarah)”, Lindsey said.

When you give to Safe Families, you are protecting children from abuse and allowing families to stay intact. That is our purpose. But you are also spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is lived out by the hundreds of host families each and every day. What a mission! Please consider being part of this movement by participating in the #FamiliesGivingHope Campaign beginning on November 29th. Your donation will allow us to continue to give hope to children and families in crisis in Bloomington, Indiana.


“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”

1 John 3:18 (ESV)


*Name changed to protect privacy