Bloomington Chapter

Help Our Chapter

We are in the middle of a fundraising campaign to make Safe Families in Monroe County a sustainable organization. We are developing a Ministry Partner Team made up of individuals passionate for the well-being of children in our community and willing to give financially. Our total need to make Safe Families sustainable is $42,000/year. We are trusting God to raise up 10 units of $50/month, 10 units of $100/month, and 10 units of $200/month.

If you would like to trust God with us by becoming one of our Ministry Partners, click here. Fill out the required information and choose “Bloomington, IN” as your destination.

Ways to Serve

There are three ways in which volunteer families can impact the lives of vulnerable children through Safe Families:

Host Family

Provide temporary guardianship so that the biological family can work towards gaining stability

Family Coach

Support the host family, monitor the children’s safety, facilitate the relationship between the host family and placing family, and connect the placing family with resources.

Family Friend

Become a trusted friend in a biological family’s life through direct contact which may include providing transportation, mentorship, helping with job searches, or babysitting.

Resource Friend

Support both biological or host families without having direct contact with biological families.  We have a constant need for donated items and resources.

Current Needs

  • Monroe County Safe Families is looking for host families willing to take in older children. Safe Families cares for children from newborns to teenagers. If your family has the resources to care for older children, this may be a great ministry opportunity for you!
  • As a newer chapter, we need to get the word out about Monroe County Safe Families for Children. Tell your family, coworkers, and neighbors. Help us get the word out!
  • Safe Families is hoping to expand into the counties surrounding Monroe County. We are looking for contacts in the surrounding counties. If you, or someone you know, wants to help make Safe Families a ministry in a nearby county, contact us!
  • We are beginning a resource closet for host families and biological families, should a need arise. We are accepting various items including diapers, formula, car seats, clothing, blankets, backpacks, and other supplies host families may need when children enter their home. Our resource room is located at Clear Creek Christian Church (530 W. Church Lane Bloomington, IN 47403). New items can be dropped off Mon.-Fri. 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Call 812-824-2566 to let the church know you are coming first! Used items can still be donated, but they need to be inspected first.
  • We are looking for more individuals to become Resource Friends and Family Friends to support our current hostings.